TDT is a biotechnology company that is:
  • Identifying and adding value to novel university-based medical technologies for diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • Currently focused in the area of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Emerging as a leader in colorectal cancer detection and therapy
  • Developing highly sensitive markers for detecting colorectal cancer cells in tissue lymph nodes and blood
  • Committed to research and development which will make a difference to the lives of patients, their families and the healthcare professionals who treat them
  • Committed to scientific innovation, improving patient care, development of human resources, partnerships and responsible business practices

Current activities include:

  • Establishment of a clinical laboratory for testing blood and tissue for metastatic colorectal cancer for patients and their physicians worldwide
  • Ongoing research and development projects in:
    • In vitro Diagnostics
    • In vivo imaging agents
    • Receptor-based therapeutics
    • Cancer vaccines