TDT continues to conduct extensive basic and applied research to refine and improve our assays. Current prospective clinical trials for staging patients employing GCC RT PCR include:

  • A comparison of histopathology and GCC RT-PCR to determine their relative sensitivity and specificity for detecting micrometastases
  • A comparison of histopathology and GCC RT-PCR to predict recurrence and disease-free survival
  • Use of GCC RT-PCR to stratify lymph node-negative patients to receive chemotherapy

Presentations and journal articles regarding the use of GCC as a highly specific and sensitive marker for colorectal cancer metastases in patient trials have already been published.

These include (click to download or view the article - please be patient; some of the articles require a lengthy download):

Journal Articles:

Bacterial Enterotoxins are Associated with Resistance to Colon Cancer
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Guanylyl cyclase C is a selective marker for metastatic colorectal tumors in human extraintestinal tissues (click here)
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Medical Sciences.

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