The TDT R&D Mission

To continuously search for improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers and disease.

Since the Company's founding in 1994, TDT has been committed to the complex process of research, clinical testing, product development and the trials of safety and efficacy necessary to bring diagnostic and therapeutic products to market. Not only is this a long and arduous process, it also represents an investment of millions of dollars.

The focus of Research and Development at TDT seeks to take advantage of its expertise in gastrointestinal biology, signal transduction and molecular biology to achieve an understanding of the pathways by which cells progress from the pre-cancerous to the cancerous state. Through both industrial and academic collaborations, TDT has applied state-of -the-art technologies in its search for new markers for gastrointestinal cancers, to both diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

To date, TDT has developed two diagnostic products, one for staging colorectal cancer (lymph node test), and one for the detection of recurrent disease (blood test). Work is also underway to apply the technology to a broader clinical environment, including therapeutics, in conjunction with pharmaceutical partners.

TDT's broader research portfolio encompasses multiple projects, extending beyond colorectal cancer, to include pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, cancer vaccines, anti-diarrheal therapy, and more.

An extensive and rapidly growing intellectual property portfolio has been created, as a result of these research efforts. Currently, TDT has worldwide, exclusive rights to 21 U.S. patents, 5 foreign patents, and over 38 pending U.S. and foreign applications.